Sensory Room


Sensory Play

Every sensory-rich experience results in information about what we see, touch, taste, smell and hear being relayed to different parts of the brain. The more times these connections are used the better they function which is why it is so important to offer babies and young children lots of sensory- rich experiences.” (Sue Gascoyne)

At Hartfield we provide sensory-rich play provision in all our classes and early years play sessions.

Sensory Room

We can’t wait to see the wonder on the faces of the children when they enter our magical little sensory room. We have worked with the sensory room experts at Total Sensory to design a sensory room especially for our centre. 

All children attending classes and Early Years Play will have an opportunity to visit the sensory room. 

We also offer Baby Play sessions where babies can enjoy sensory room time and baby play.

Please note that Early Years Play is not currently available

We particularly welcome children with additional needs who would benefit from time in the sensory room.

This session is not currently available but children with SEND are welcome in any class, (subject to availability.)