Our Story

We are Elizabeth, Angela and Catherine. We are all trained teachers and experienced Early Years and Primary educators and Hartfield is our long-held dream. 

Although education is our main focus, we also know the support, space and humour needed to raise children. In developing Hartfield, we have therefore given equal thought to the children and to the adults in their lives
Elizabeth and Catherine are a mother and daughter team. 


I have had the privilege of being an Infant School and Primary School headteacher in Devon and in London. One of the highlights of my career was working as an International Kindergarten Principal when I lived in Hong Kong. It gave me a different perspective of young children’s learning. More recently I have enjoyed being involved in teacher training. 



I am the founder of Anfield School Hong Kong. Anfield School opened its doors in 1999, following the EYFS and British National Curriculum for boys and girls and 2 to 11. I believe the aims of education are to inculcate positive values and to develop children's passion for learning and knowledge.

Anfield School and Hartfield Early Education share the same vision, mission and values, where all are committed to creating a loving, caring and joy-filled family environment.

Besides my work at Anfield School, I have also devoted my time to advocacy for children's rights since 1995.

The opening of Hartfield Early Education not only gives us the opportunity to serve the Sevenoaks community, but also to foster a strong link between Anfield School Hong Kong and British Education worldwide, accessing updated educational development, information and experiences.

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I trained as a Primary school teacher with a focus on the Early Years and then worked as a teacher in a school in Tower Hamlets, East London. My speciality became children’s literature and how to use it to inspire learning across the school. 

I now love living in Sevenoaks with my husband and two, frankly hilarious, children.